A Focus on Olive Oils and Vinegars for April

A Focus on Olive Oils and Vinegars for April

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As spring blossoms, and cold weather starts to dissipate, we are bringing two very special ingredients to the forefront of April’s Bulk Ingredients news agenda. These ingredients both have numerous health benefits and unlike many “good-for-you” food ingredients, they taste amazing too!

April is Olive Oil and Vinegar Month at Bulk Ingredients.com

While we’ve got some wonderful Olive Oil/ Vinegar companies listed on our site, we wanted to delve deeper into the wide world of olive oils and vinegars. Olive oils are quickly becoming the new “in” thing, and many companies are seeking it out to substitute their unhealthier fats with.

Regional Olive Oils

While most food industry processors and manufacturers reply of run-of-the-mill forms of olive oil such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or Pomace olive oil, many are learning that the different varietals result in different textures, tastes, and affects. Here’s what’s in store for April:

  • Interview with Cibaria International,. Inc. – We sit down and speak with their enthusiastic marketing person, and talk about the industry, the oils, and the consumer response. You won’t want to miss it!
  • Regional Olive Oils Spotlighted. Find out why you want to know where your olive oil came from!
  • Bulk Olive Oil and Vinegar buying tips from he professionals!
  • The latest Olive Oil and Vinegar industry news!

And so much more! You won’t wan to miss April’s Olive Oil and Vinegar Spotlight! It’s going to be a great month here at Bulk Ingredients!

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