Food Business News and Happenings

Food Business News

Profits for the chicken enterprise are up, creation and prices are rising, fast-food restaurants are selling hen dishes and feed costs seem headed decrease many thanks to expected large U.S. corn and soybean crops. High beef charges also have chased numerous grocery store buyers to much more-affordable hen. Wholesome profits are envisioned for chicken businesses this year, a sharp turnaround from two years back when the sector was harm by the economic downturn and substantial feed costs, documented Reuters.

Worldwide Information and Happenings

Maple Leaf Foods has emerged as a possible takeover target in the rapidly consolidating world-wide meals sector. Sources common with Maple Leaf Meals, Canada’s greatest processor of meat and baked products, mentioned intercontinental food giants are circling the Toronto-based organization as they scramble to lock up foods resources for expanding rising markets. The prize for a lot of meals purchasers is meat, notably pork, a valued commodity in China, which is struggling with out-of-date processing services and tainted meat scandals, noted The Globe and Mail.

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