Supplier FAQ

Who Can Use

Our website is for anyone looking for resources within the food industry. Whether you’re looking to purchase bulk or wholesale ingredients for a new or existing business venture, or just looking for ways to get the word out on your own bulk and wholesale business; Bulk-Ingredients is a great way to do both.
How Long can I purchase Listings for?

Listings can be purchased on an annual basis.

Can I upgrade or purchase additional listings?

Yes. To upgrade your listing, contact us, and we can pro-rate you for the remaining portion of your yearly term. To purchase additional listings, simply log in to your account and purchase your preferred listings.

What if there isn’t a Category for the product that I offer?

If you have seen that there isn’t a category for the product you offer, contact us, and we’ll be happy to add your category to our list.

Will I receive a receipt from our company’s purchase on your site?

Yes, you will receive a printable receipt via email within minutes of your purchase.

Do you actively market your website?

Yes, has a wonderful team of marketers that actively market our website via trade magazines, industry websites, and through search engines optimization with all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. 

Can I buy a larger quantity of listings than offered on the “Submit Listing Page”

Yes, if you are looking to buy a mass amount of listings that are relevant, we can definitely accommodate you.  Please Contact us, and we’ll be happy to set you up with multiple listings. We have worked with marketing firms to help their food industry clientele get the best bang for their buck, and would be happy to assist you in choosing a package perfect for your company, or client.

How Do I contact you?

We are available Monday-Friday during normal business hours. The quickest way to reach is is via this page.