Food Ingredient Suppliers are Learning How to Gain Exposure

Food Ingredient Suppliers are Learning How to Gain Exposure

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Recent studies have shown that food ingredient suppliers are learning how to use the internet to gain more online and offline exposure. 75% of surveyed companies have said that they plan to implement an internet marketing plan in 2010. 60% of these companies said they have already implemented a small-scale marketing plan that utilizes the internet. Food Ingredients Suppliers and Distributors are learning the importance of stretching their dollars as well. Many are hiring offshore or in-house marketers and designers to put their internet marketing plan into action.

Online marketing actually can begin with the face-to-face experience. A new trend has seen many food ingredients suppliers and bulk wholesalers displaying their website, facebook, and twitter addresses at their booths during food industry trade shows. Collecting email addresses at shows is also another great strategy being used by savvy marketers to make the most out of their event-based marketing. By keeping the lines of contact open, building an email list of prospective clients is priceless, even if your newsletter is just following up, or informing on new market trends.

Staying on top of opportunities to gain exposure is also a great way to gain some free PR. Building a solid list of media contacts who happen to write about the industry that you’re in will definitely help you gain the marketing edge that you’re looking for. Sending out regular press releases for company events and milestones is a great way to gain exposure as well.

Food companies are still clinging to old marketing methods by using a lot of print marketing in trade magazines. To intertwine the offline and online experience, many food industry marketing professionals are also including websites, twitter, and facebook addresses in print advertising. By bridging the gap between internet and non-internet marketing, it is also helping marketers measure the effectiveness of their campaigns on multiple levels, while building a community around their brand.

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