Food Processing Names Top 100 Companies for 2011

Food Processing Names Top 100 Companies for 2011

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August 9th, 2011


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It’s that time of year again! Food has released it’s annual on the food and beverage industry’s top 100 companies. However, they are reporting that their biggest news is that only one of the chosen top 100 companies have reported a loss for the 2010 fiscal year.

Their annual list of Top 100 Food Processors highlights some of the best performing Food and Beverage companies within the United States and Canada. The 2011 Top 100 boasts a new leader, which after claiming second, third, and 4th spots for years, has finally been able to snatch up the coveted #1 spot on the top 100 list. PepsiCo, the new #1 spot holder, simply made the best of their 2010 year. Gliding up from last year’s #4 spot, PepsiCo is boasting overall sales increases.

“It’s biggest leap up our chart occurred with the February 2010 acquisition of its largest – and independent – bottlers. Pepsi Bottling Group Inc. added $14 billion in sales to the corporation’s top line, and Pepsi Americas chipped in another $5 billion. ” explains Food Processing.

Nestle slides in at a relatively close second, and is last year’s #1 spot holder. Kraft Foods Inc. comes in at #3, a spot which it also held last year. Tyson Foods slipped 2 spots, from last year’s #2 spot, to being #4 for 2011. Cargill Inc saw a 4 spot leap, as it went from last year’s #20 spot, to this year’s #16 spot for Food Processor’s Top 100 companies of 2011.

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