Nutraceuticals Market in U.S. Has Good Outlook

Nutraceuticals Market in U.S. Has Good Outlook

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The market for Vitamin and Mineral Ingredients within the Nutraceutical Industry has a Glowing Outlook says new Report.

The US is the largest nutraceutical market and this is probably due to cultural as well as regulating factors. American consumers have a long history of taking food supplements. It is forecast that the market for vitamin and mineral ingredients in nutraceuticals in the US will double over the next five years. Demand for vitamins and mineral nutraceutical ingredients is anticipated to account for over $2.billion come 2015. Credit for this can be given to an aging population and rising trends for healthy living.

Vitamin C looks to be a promising contributor in the market growth in the vitamins category, having a growth forecast for over 42 per cent. Since it remains a widely used product, ranging from food items to beverages, it’s no surprise that it has taken the market lead. All through 2015, it is expected that vitamins will expedite profit making, garnering the biggest growth amongst vitamin A, E, and other vitamins.

While some large food corporations, such as Kellogg’s, General Mills or Procter & Gamble, are at the forefront of nutrition research, the leading suppliers of vitamin and mineral nutraceutical ingredients in the US market remain Archer Daniels Midland, Royal DSM (Netherlands) and BASF SE based in Germany. It cannot be denied that the consumers in pursuit of a better and healthier lifestyle hold the credit for the massive expansion of this market, not just in the United States, but on a global level too. However, many corporations now in the US are tending to approach the nutraceutical ingredients sector as a marketing issue rather than from the point of view of innovation. The regulatory situation, still in process of evaluation, has also opened the door for new age players to take advantage of the opportunity. However, under the pressure of new organizations, this opportunity may, it is believed, be of limited duration.


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