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Santa Barbara Chocolate Company – Bulk and Wholesale Gourmet Chocolate

Santa Barbara is the gem of the California coast, world famous for its scenic beauty and relaxed, health conscious attitude. With that in mind, we at Santa Barbara Chocolate Company have selected exotic cocoas from around the world to create exclusive blends of ultra-smooth pure chocolate, flavorful and rich with all the natural essences and nutritional benefits nature intended.

Our pure chocolates are specially designed to be lower in sugar, made with pure pressed cocoa butter for healthy skin and retain natural cocoa antioxidants for an active lifestyle of vigor and glowing health.

Maitre Chocolatier

Jason Vishnefske is the Maitre Chocolatier and cofounder of the original Santa Barbara Chocolate Company which was established in 1992.

His ancestors started in the Chocolate business over 100 years ago in the city of Prague, Czech Republic.

Jason’s passion for fitness and love of cacao gave him the idea to combine California fresh ingredients that promote health and vigor with the highest quality, all natural, private reserve chocolate he was importing from his family in Europe. By merging the high standards of European chocolate craftsmanship with a fresh and vibrant California lifestyle approach, Jason has helped elevate chocolate from a “junk food” to a healthy delicacy.

Proclaimed “The future of chocolate” by world famous chocolatier Robert Linxe of La Maison du Chocolate, Paris, Jason’s expertise has also been recognized as “innovative and fanciful” by his good friend and mentor Maitre Chocolatier Jim Graham of Chocolats Le Francais in Chicago.

Organically Grown – Ethically Traded Santa Barbara Chocolate

In the context of raw cacao sourcing, we have longtime personal alliances with ethical suppliers of high quality cocoa beans. These beans are purchased on a free market basis from democratic societies which in turn allocate resources to local communities in an optimal fashion. We avoid countries whose economies are dominated by giant multinational chocolate corporations working with draconian regimes who willingly mistreat laborers in order to maximize profits for those corporations.

Santa Barbara Chocolate representatives work with agricultural organizations and local governments to ensure that the farmers who grow our cacao are paid fairly and treated most ethically.

Sourcing cacao directly from farmers creates a positive influence on local trading practices too. Farmers have come to see that in a free market, opportunity exists to receive the highest possible pay for growing the highest quality trees. We pay particular attention to how the cacao is grown and the environmental impact. Farmer CO-OP suppliers are also working to encourage organic growing practices and harmonious rain forest cultivation. Many of our chocolates are Organic, Fair Trade and Rain Forest Alliance Certified.

When cacao farmers are paid fair wages for their crops they quickly develop an interest in the future of the environment, a free market and a democratic government.


Knowing that there is a direct link between your happiness and the continued support of ethically traded, ecologically grown cacao will help guarantee a sustainable and happy chocolate world community with a bright future for us all.

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