Site Policies and Terms

Site Policy and Terms of Use

Policies and Terms is a directory listing website in which the supplier can list their website, services, and products for listing and visibility on the World Wide Web. makes no guarantee as to specific results or leads made from this website and your listing on it.

International Trade and Business

Your company is responsible for obeying all laws and standard procedures within your industry and government when doing business internationally due to a connection made on this site. recommends doing due diligence on a company before doing business with them, and especially before sending them money for a product or service to later be rendered. Never send money transfers or Western Union payments to a foreign country without making sure the company is legitimate and honest.

Listing Rules

Listings are to be kept honest and clean, with no excessive use of non alphabetical or numerical characters. Use of profanity and harsh language is strictly prohibited. Bad mouthing another business, or competitor is also forbidden. Photo listings are to use photos of your logo or your company product or service. No personal photos are allowed. Please make sure your photo is yours and that you have exclusive rights to it’s use.

Listing Refunds and Returns

Listing prices are non-refundable, unless an error on prevents your listing from appearing. Refunds will only be allotted due to technical errors on the website. To request a refund due to a technical glitch, or to report a technical glitch, please contact us immediately via our Contact Page.

Terms of Use is to be used by actual businesses that are selling an actual product or service. Your are responsible for conducting good business practices when you receive a lead from your website listing. Proper payments, service, and communication are all expected of listing buyers.

Featured Listings and Advertising Spots are bought on a first-come, first-serve basis. No holds can be placed on ad space or featured listings unless prior payment is received beforehand. Please contact us for details.