Tnuva Designs a High Calcium Milk, Especially for Children

Tnuva Designs a High Calcium Milk, Especially for Children

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In an age where food is often plentiful, parents still often wonder if their children are getting adequate nutrition from the foods that they’re eating. During the most important years of childhood, development is rapid and nutrients are needed the most.

Israeli dairy company Tnuva has launched Milk V for children. With double the calcium content the highest level in the Israeli market  and increased levels of vitamin D, Milk V relies on the unique CapsuDar vitamin D solution provided by LycoRed, Israel, which was involved in the development of the product.

Tnuva, the leading dairy company in Israel created Milk V for children, with twice the calcium content of regular dairy milk on the market and 1.5 mmg of daily vitamin D in one serving. Intensive market research by Tnuva shows that one of the most important health benefits for children is bone health, essential for normal development. Vitamin D and calcium are two well-documented nutrition elements crucial for growth and bone health. A glass of Milk V contains 400 mg calcium (at least 30% of the DRI) as well as the increased vitamin D.

Vitamin D is highly susceptible to oxidation and needs to be formulated in a way that protects the active ingredient. This customized formulation is structured for pasteurizing and performs well under a wide range of pH. LycoRed uses exclusive technologies to ensure highly stable vitamin D formulations. Proprietary beadlet technology cross-links the vitamin D inside a gelatin-based matrix, protecting it from oxidation.

“CapsuDar vitamin D is highly stable in high temperatures, making it a perfect choice for many food applications,” explains Udi Alroy, V.P. Global Marketing and Sales at LycoRed. “The major challenge in dairy fortification is to stabilize minerals and vitamins during the homogenization and pasteurizing processes. The result is an active ingredient, stable across a wider pH range that works well with pasteurized products and with a significantly longer shelf life.”

Tnuva leads the milk market in Israel with 72.4% market share (2010). In the premium milk category, Tnuva held a 43% market share (2010). Milk V is a good candidate for increasing Tnuva market share in this category.

“The technology to enrich milk products with high levels of vitamin D and calcium enabled us to offer our consumers a unique value-added nutritious product,” says Noga Schwartz, Health & Wellness Department Manager at Tnuva Dairy Division.

“LycoRed specializes in fortification solutions for dairy products,” explains Alroy. “Manufacturers can’t afford to risk negatively impacting taste or aroma when they fortify their products. Our fortification capabilities allow us to combine ingredients without cross-interaction, creating a more neutral flavor profile demanded by functional foods. Consumers are looking for easy, tasty and healthy products. LycoRed was proud to help Tnuva to meet this challenge.”

We definitely hope that this product sees a worldwide distribution, as kids across the world would be able to see the developmental benefits of this innovative product. A nice stride for the Dairy Ingredients sector, and an even nicer step towards healthy product innovation!




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