Turtle Island Foods to Develop $10 Million Plant

Turtle Island Foods to Develop $10 Million Plant

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Oregon-based Tofurkey maker, Turtle Island Foods, is building a $10 million food processing plant in Hood River, Oregon.

Developed in partnership with Key Development Corp. of Hood River, the riverfront building will rely on solar power to heat its water; capture heat from the refrigeration system that can be used as heating source; and employ high-efficiency processing equipment as its pursues LEED Platinum Certification

New jobs in Oregon?

For the unemployed in Hood River, this is truly great news. The 33,000-square-foot facility will employ as many as 100 people, with 60 to start when it opens next year. The company currently has a work force of 73.

The 31-year-old company has grown its Tofurky label into the nation’s second-largest brand of refrigerated and frozen meat alternatives. In addition to the namesake turkey replacement, the vegan line includes meatless deli slices, sausages and pizzas.

Oregon Live explains:

The company said it’s on target to grow sales by 25 percent this year.

“Our brand is really getting out there,” said Jaime Athos, vice president of Turtle Island’s operations. “I don’t think people thought of their food choices as an environmental decision, but that’s changing.”

Turtle Island products are sold in more than 4,000 natural food and grocery stores in the United States and Canada.

The company plans to continue producing its tempeh products and any new lines at the former cannery building in downtown Hood River, where’s it has had operations since 1992.

In addition to Turtle Island’s new facility in the Hood River Waterfront Business Park, Key Development is working on an expansion of Hood Technology Corp. The engineering company expects its 40,000-square foot expansion will grow its work force 20 jobs.

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