U.S.A is Now Ready to Tighten the Regulations on the Olive Oil Industry

U.S.A is Now Ready to Tighten the Regulations on the Olive Oil Industry

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7-7-10 Bulk Ingredients.Com –  Among other nations, the USA hasn’t exactly been the brightest star in the olive oil solar system. While European countries have upheld rather strict policies on olive oil production and distribution, the Unites States has been lax in their efforts to keep sub-par oils out of the olive oil marketplace. Because of this, olive oil adulteration runs rampant in the USA. Olive Oils adulterated with lesser quality oils, are more common than you think. In this economy, oils that are adulterated are sold twice as much, as competitors seek to beat out fellow olive oil business’s pricing. All of this is about to change.

With the passing of a new regulation by the USDA, Olive Oil must now be labeled as it is; meaning if you are buying an olive oil blend, you should no longer be doing this unknowingly; as the bottle must state that it is a blend.

Propelled by complaints from customers and distributors alike, food purveyors selling low-end product as high-end goods, or olive oils being doctored with cheaper canola, peanut, or safflower oils, the U.S. Department of Agriculture this fall will roll out new standards to help ensure that consumers buying “100% extra virgin” olive oil get what they pay for. People with health concerns are especially conscious of these new laws.

However, what many people in the industry who are reporting on this are failing to mention, is that this new regulation is voluntary. Meaning, the same crooked companies selling adulterated olive oils can continue to do so until the FDA cracks down on them by fervent testing of the oils they are bringing into the marketplace.

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